Go From One of Millions to One of a Kind

Design a custom vehicle wrap for your vehicle in Lindale, TX

Does your vehicle have dents, dings and scratches you want to hide? Are you tired of having to hunt down your car in a crowded parking lot? Make your car look sleek and unique with a custom vehicle wrap.

Par 3 Wraps Decals & Signs in Lindale, TX can create a one-of-a-kind vehicle wrap that will make your car stand out. From full-body vinyl wraps to partial panel wraps and window decals, we can customize your ride any way you like.

Team up with our graphic designers today to start planning your custom vehicle wrap.

FAQ about vehicle wraps

Before you get a vinyl vehicle wrap, check out some of these frequently asked questions:


How does vinyl affect the paint?

Vinyl is generally harmless for a factory paint job if it's removed within 3-4 years and the vehicle is well cared for during this time. Custom paint finishes may fare a little worse when the film is removed. The longer the vinyl is kept on the vehicle, the greater the chance that the underlying paint will be affected by the film.

But vinyl wraps can also protect your paint. You may find the underlying paint on a wrapped vehicle will have fewer scratches and door dings compared to your typical daily driver of the same age after a few years.


To what extent will vinyl properly cover damage?

We can cover most exteriors of vehicles with proper preparations. The films cannot cover peeling paint or rust. If the paint is oxidized, we would need it to be wet sanded until the paint is smooth enough for adhesion. Also, the warranty terms may be subject to change without proper initial paint quality.


Do you offer any kind of warranty?

3M warranties against color fade and adhesion for 3 years, and we stand behind that as well.


Do you offer removal services for old vinyl?

Yes! We offer removal and prep labor for the new vinyl. Please ask us about your particular vehicle.

Change the color of a vehicle for half the cost of custom paint. Contact us in Lindale, TX today to get started.